Quality Time With My First Born

When I found out I was pregnant with Walt and Whitney I worried how having twins would affect my relationship with Turner. I knew bringing two babies in to the world would be tough on everyone. Turner was 3 years old when they were born. He connected with his siblings pretty quickly, but didn't pay much attention to them. He would hug them when he came home from school and then run off to do his own thing.

It was hard to give Turner the attention he needed when the babies required so much of my time and energy. I realized he needed one on one time with Alex and I and so we started the tradition of Turner dates. Most weekends Alex will take Turner to Jersey Mike's for a sandwich. I usually combine an errand, a bit of shopping and food in our dates. Sometimes they are on a weeknight and sometimes on a weekend.

We recently took a date to The Arboretum at Great Hills and enjoyed food and shopping. Two of our favorite things! Our first stop included lunch at Blue Baker, a craft bakery and pizzeria. I had the broccoli and cheese bread bowl and Turner had the pepperoni pizza.

With a little convincing, Turner joined me for some shopping at Gap, which is where most of my wardrobe and kids' wardrobe comes from. I loved watching him walk around the store pointing out things he liked, such as an on sale Christmas sweater that was for a 6 month old. "Mom, can I get this?!" Ummm no, sorry bud. He has his own sense of style and refuses for me to pick out any of his outfits. I can't get on to him, because I was the exact same way as a kid and I loved that my mom allowed me to express myself through fashion. 

An ice cream bribe always helps with getting Turner to shop with me or wait patiently while I run and errand.  After shopping we grabbed a few scoops from local ice cream shop, Amy's Ice Creams, and walked out to the scenic trail. The Arboretum has quite a few kid friendly play areas that are the perfect place for Turner to run around and get some energy out!

The days are long but the years are short. That's exactly how I feel about motherhood. It's exhausting and stressful. Turner can drive me nuts sometimes, but one on one time where I have no other distractions helps me to stop time for a bit and fully enjoy his personality.

Do you take your kids on individual dates? What's your favorite thing to do?

This post was sponsored by The Arboretum at Great Hills, but all opinions are my own. 


kelsey williams said...

We are shirt twins! And Turner looks so happy! :-)

Rachel said...

I love Blue Baker! Their zucchini bread is so good. Now that my son is four, spending 1:1 time with him is so fun. The stress of diapers, nap schedules, special food, etc., is gone and we have such fun conversations. We only have one kid but my husband and I each try to spend 1:1 time with him.

Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

We seriously eat at all the same restaurants...only I'm at the College Station locations lol. One on one time is so important and really means more to them than they show.