Summer Fun + Swim Safety

Last Winter Turner asked if he could go swimming to which I replied, "Sorry, we have to wait till it's Summer." He asked me over 50 times since that day if it was Summer yet. After months of waiting we've finally hit the pool full force with swim lessons at Ready Go Swim!

As a parent of three young kiddos that can't swim, drowning is a VERY big fear of mine.

I feel I'm a pretty low key and easy going Mom, but swim safety is HUGE to me. Because of this, I knew I wanted Turner to take swim lessons. I had heard amazing things about Hanna, the owner of Ready Go Swim, and her classes so I signed Turner up. Every Wednesday night he takes a 30 minute swim lesson with Hanna and a few other children around his age. He absolutely loves it, and has learned so much in a short time. My favorite part is when the instructors teach a safety skill to the kids, such as how to correctly retrieve something from the water when you're standing on the side of the pool.

Check out these very important water safety tips as you venture out to the pool and beach this Summer!

- Never leave water in the bath tub, buckets, wading pools, or inflatable pools.

- Avoid using inflatable swimming aids such as “floaties” as drown proofing tools; they are not a substitute for approved life vests and often give children and parents a false sense of security.

- Provide water safety and swim lessons to your children as early as possible. Make sure they learn how to be safer in the water first, including being able to get themselves to the wall safely. There are so many benefits to start little babies in water survival and swim lessons.

- Learn and practice lifesaving skills. Know the basics of swimming (floating, moving through the water), CPR and First Aid.

- When children are swimming, there should always be Water Guardian on duty, an adult whose only job is to watch the pool. No talking on the phone, playing cards, or reading a book.

- If you have a pool, install a four-sided isolation fence with self-closing and self-latching gates around swimming pools. Also install a pool alarm.

- Know the signs of drowning for yourself and others. This includes secondary drowning. If you are exhibiting any signs of drowning, STOP and FLOAT ON BACK.

Ready Go Swim offers 8 group lessons (25 min. each) for $180, and they are in the process of building their own year round pool in Round Rock!  They teach 8 week old babies all the way up to teenagers.

Happy swimming this Summer and stay safe!

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