Five Ways I De-stress

Every stage of life has some sort of stress in it, some more than others. It might be minor stress such as running late to an appointment and freaking out you might have to pay the late fee and miss your appointment (happened to me today), or something bigger such as a family member in poor health in the hospital and you're worried if they will make it out.

I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY going. Kids, work, family, OCD house cleaning tendencies and blogging keep me busy. I thrive off of a small amount of pressure and stress, but the problem arises when I let stress constantly consume my mood and thinking. Today I'm partnering with Enfusia to share five ways I destress!

I try to take a 15 minute walk every day during my work day which helps me to take a step back from the stress building in my head. I don't listen to music or look at my phone. I simply walk, observe everything around me and let my mind wander. Nature and the sun shining can do amazing things for your mood. When I get home from work I try to spend as much time outside with my kids before the sun sets.

I'm always cold, and there's nothing like a warm bath to soothe my muscles and warm my bones. I recently discovered Texas based company, Enfusia, which specialize in bubble bath and bath bombs! They are made from all natural and botanical ingredients and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free. They use milder foaming agents which are better for sensitive skin, skin softening baking soda, moisturizing oils and delightful scents make it the best bath ever! They are also safe for kids.

I loved their eucalyptus lavender bath bomb. The eucalyptus essential oil opens up your nasal passages while the lavender calms and soothes. Their "Lets Get Naked" bubble bath has fresh grapefruit, apple, strawberry, tangerine, peach, black currant, and rose petals. It smells AMAZING!

I only take baths once my kids are in bed, because a kid barging in on me is not relaxing in the least. When I travel I always take a bath bomb with me because it makes my time alone even more special.

Sometimes I simply need time to myself. Running an errand makes me happy even if it's to grab a gallon of milk or baby Tylenol. I always play fun music and have a dance party in my car. Retail therapy also helps ; ).

It's amazing how time with a friend can immediately change my mood. Whether it's a lunch date, happy hour or quick chat on the phone. Laughter makes life better and helps you to destress, so spend time with friends that make you laugh often! A good vent session is also a must every once in a while!

I love winding down after a stressful day with dessert and my favorite tv show. My go-to for something sweet is usually a glass of chocolate milk or a cookie dough square (I never actually bake the ready to bake cookies). I don't have cable but I have a HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Hulu subscription. I'm currently watching Homeland, The Path, Divorce, and Mindhunters. A daily ritual as simple as this gives me something to look forward to at the end of a busy and stressful day.

This post was sponsored by Enfusia but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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