5 Ways I'm Preparing My Son For Kindergarten

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Summer is almost here and in a couple of months Turner will start kindergarten! I hear starting public school can be tough due to homework and the schedule but I'm eager to see how Turner does. In preparation we're working on a few things this summer to make the transition a bit smoother. This post is sponsored by Think About Your Eyes, a national public awareness campaign for vision health. 

When Turner was a toddler, getting his shoes on before school was a complete nightmare and it felt like a fight every time. I learned very quickly that velcro was my best friend. He's been wearing athletic tennis shoes with velcro straps just until recently when he asked for a pair of high top converse. When the shoe strings come loose he comes to us for help. I want to teach him how to tie his shoes so he won't have to rely on his teacher to tie his shoes multiple times a day.

Every day Turner tells me a story about something that happened at school. Sometimes the stories are sweet and sometimes they are terrifying. When a kid calls him a bad name or he learns about something that isn't age appropriate, I always revert back to our values as a family. I try my hardest to  empower him to be an honest, loving, empathetic and kind person. I'm always worried about saying the wrong thing and teaching him the "wrong" way, but I try my best. 

We haven't had Turner's eyes professionally checked since he was born so we took him to an optometrist to get an eye exam. Since he's constantly growing, it's so important that we take care of his eye health and schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam.  Thankfully the appointment went great and his eyesight is 20/20, although he still wanted to try on glasses ; ). Think About Your Eyes, a national public awareness campaign for vision health, has over 19,000 eye doctors in support of this campaign and have a dedicated feature on their website for you to find a doctor near you! I typed in my zip code and over a dozen optometrists popped up with location info and review ratings. Summertime is the perfect time to take your children in for an annual comprehensive eye exam! Did you know 75% of vision problems aren't detected via screenings? That's why it's important to take your kiddos in for an annual comprehensive eye exam. I try to get as many appointments as I can out of the way during the summer (hello delayed well visits and dentist appointments) because the fall is so busy!

Turner recently moved from a pre-k class to a day camp at his school which has taken out nap-time. Since that change he's been falling asleep earlier which is great because he usually goes to bed around 9:30pm. I would love for him to be in bed by 8 since mornings will a bit more strict when it comes to getting out the door. 

We're working on brushing our teeth every night and every morning, and learning how to use the bathroom without help. Mom won't be around to help wipe if you know what I mean ; ). 

Alex and I took Turner on a date last week and it was such a sweet time getting to give him all of our attention. We did some window shopping, ate at a sit down restaurant, grabbed some dessert at a candy store, and ended the night at a Round Rock Express baseball game. This step in to kindergarten will be one of many as he grows up, and I'm happy and sad about it. For parents that have been through this before, any tips for parenting a kindergartner?!

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