Birthday Wish List

I'll be turning 32 on October 24! Where my October babies at?! I'm thankful for another year of life and an excuse to treat myself ; ).  Today I'm sharing what's on my wish list and a simple outfit you can wear to work our out...just add a blazer!

I'm a hat person now, and throwing one on when I'm having a bad hair day is my favorite. I want to add a few more fall hats to my collection like this one from GigiPip. My hat in this post is less than $17 and comes in 12 colors...definitely the best deal I've found for a really cute hat!

HydraFacial is hands down the best facial I've ever had. Viva Day Spa sells a package of three for $400 which I would love to indulge in! It extracts toxins and impurities from your skin while simultaneously hydrating and rejuvenating it!

I've had the same strapless bra since high school, and it's about time I invest in another one. I tried this one on at Nordstrom and loved it! It's hard spending money on a bra I don't wear a lot, but no one likes an uncomfortable bra.

I saw these over-the-knee boots on my friend Dani and fell in love! I've never owned a pair of heeled boots like this before and honestly have always tried to stay away from suede. However, I'm ready for a change, and love all the looks I see with these boots. I sent a link over to Alex and told him this is what I wanted for my birthday. He replied "You'll wear them once." Ha....now I have to prove him wrong! I wanted to wear them for a shoot I have next week, so I had a boot sized package arrive on my doorstep this week (thanks Alex)! I love them and have yet to wear them because it's been raining non-stop. I just ordered some suede protectant and hope I can maintain the quality!

I had planned on taking off on my birthday and going skydiving, but no one can join me for the jump so I'd rather not die alone. Instead I'm going to a SoulCycle class at 6am, heading to Viva Day Spa for a massage at 9am, getting my eyebrows tinted, and then maybe treating myself to a nice lunch! I wanted to plan a dinner out with Alex and some friends, but he has to work late that week so I'll probably order take-out for the kids and I. 

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Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

Too bad we don't live closer...we could celebrate our birthdays with a girls lunch! I celebrate mine with your sweet Turner!