October Small Goals

I have written monthly small goals almost every month for the past two years, but a few months ago  I paused my goals due to the interview and hiring process I was going through. All of my time and energy was going towards landing a new job, and I couldn't write about it online. I'm excited to finally get back above water and start writing down my goals again. They keep me focused and help me to challenge myself which I think is important for everyone. Never stop learning and challenging yourself!

I've been working out here and there, but I want to set a goal to work out at least twice a week. I've got a membership to Crunch Fitness and I'm working with SoulCycle so I definitely have the multiple options for exercise. Turner and I have also been taking walks and bike rides almost every night for about 20 minutes around our neighborhood.

October is by far the busiest month for my family every year. Turner's birthday, my birthday, school activities, sports and throwing our annual Halloween party! Turner will be 6 and I will be 32, and I can't wait to celebrate!  I'll be throwing a simple front yard party for Turner with our neighbors, and I've taken the day off on my birthday to go skydiving! Ahhh....I'm so excited! Our Halloween party (adults only) is always a blast and I usually make a special punch and everyone brings snacks. Now I need to figure out what Alex and I are going to be. Our most popular costume to date was Hilary Clinton and Donal Trump.

Two years ago you might have seen me drinking a soda once or twice a month. These days I'm having one almost daily or at least multiple times a week. We don't have them at home, but anytime I get fast food I'm buying a coke. I've never drank diet drinks, but I sure do love an ice cold coca-cola (insert sound bite from every coke commercial). My goal for October is to give up ALL soda.

I've been wanting to host a meet up for all the amazing mothers that follow me online, so I'm partnering with a fellow blogger, Kendra, to host a mom meet-up at Evereve at Domain NORTHSIDE on October 21. Stay tuned for more details!

In the past I would write out five goals every month, but I'm going to start writing goals that make sense and not reaching for them just because I need five. So, this month I have four! Do you have any goals this month? I know a lot of people doing the Rachel Hollis 90 Day Challenge which also seems fun!

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Miss Louie said...

Great goals for the month and your pictures look amazing!!! Wish I could come to your events >.< Miss you!!