November Small Goals

And just like that it feels like Christmas! I know, I know...don't rush Christmas, but y'all I'm not big in to Thanksgiving. I mean who is really? I don't like cranberries, candied sweet potatoes, turkey, pie, most gravy, and I don't care about football. So basically I eat bread and macaroni on Thanksgiving. If I'm lucky I'll get tamales as an option, which I'm ALL about!

October was a fun month with lots of exciting things happening! It rained most of the month and drove me crazy, but I think we're on the other end of it now. Today I'm sharing how I did with my October goals and what I have planned for November!


Well this one definitely didn't happen. Rainy and freezing weather contributed mostly to me not wanting to work out. All I want to do when it's cold is stay in my sweats. I worked out maybe once a week.

There were LOTS of celebrations in October! Turner's 6th birthday party was canceled due to rain so we went to Chuck E' Cheese with the family instead. It honestly was a great experience and I would definitely go back. I also took his classroom Round Rock Donuts and he won the outstanding student award for his class that day! For my birthday I had a sudden change of plans when Turner came down with a fever and I had to keep him home from school for a few days. Thankfully Alex was able to stay home for a few hours so I could go to my Viva Day Spa appointment. It POURED all day, but overall I had a wonderful day. Turner and I went to see Small Foot and then after the kids were in bed I went to Jack Allen's with my neighbors/friends!

Our Annual Halloween Party was a great time and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! We spent most of our time in the garage playing games. Whitney slept in a pack-n-play in my closet, Walt stayed in his room and Turner stayed up till almost 11pm. We had a ton of food, but I cleaned most of it up before bed and in the morning I felt like a recycling truck picking up dozens of cans. I went as "Bob" from the movie "What About Bob?" which is one of my favorites from growing up, and Alex borrowed our neighbors Star Wars costume last minute (he took it off an hour later...boring). Next year I definitely want to put more thought in to a couple costume. I say that every year...haha.

I did it! This one was tough, and I realized I would reach for a soda almost once a day (usually at lunch or dinner). I did have an easy out which was to drink sweet tea, but I drank only water at home.

I planned and hosted a fun Mom Mixer at Evereve on 10/22 from 11am-1pm. My friend and fellow blogger, Kendra, helped host and we had champagne and Tiff's Treats. I loved getting to meet so many moms I'm friends with on Instagram in real life!


You might remember when I did this challenge last Spring. I really enjoyed it, and one area I'm feeling negative about lately are my arms...specifically my triceps. Therefore my goal is to do 25 push ups every day for 30 days. Who wants to join me?!

I want to finalize the Christmas gifts I plan on purchasing for my kids and family. I likely won't buy all of them in November, because I know myself and I like purchasing items in December so it's better for me to wait. My goal every year is to purchase items that are high quality, have a purpose and I'm not just buying to buy. I don't have a specific budget per say, but I usually stick to around 3 toys per kid. I plan on buying Walt and Whitney Strider bikes, and I'm sure I'll be buying Turner some wheeled item ; ). Where's the Toys R' Us catalog when you need it? Do you remember how fun it was looking through that and the Sears catalog!?

I've been at my new job for almost three months and I still have a lot to learn. I've been asked to take on different projects and a part of me gets extremely nervous and fearful of making mistakes, so my goal this month is to dive in head first. Those scary moments are where I will learn the most so I want to be open to challenges, opportunities, and unknown situations.

I already have family photos done so my goal is to find a card company that wants to collaborate so I can send out holiday cards! The sooner the better as I'd love to have them in the mail by the first week of December. I love receiving Christmas cards which is really the only reason I send them out.

Every year December 1st rolls around and I feel like life gets CRAZY! I always have the intention of throwing a fun holiday party but once December hits I already feel too busy and usually drop the idea. My goal is to decide on what type of party I'm going to host and get it on the calendar for early December. I can do a lot of the prep in November! I hosted a "Favorite Things" party in 2015 and it was a blast! I would love to host something similar, and maybe bring a few sponsors on board.

What do you have planned for December?

Photos by Madeline Harper 

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