Honoring Dad

It's been two years since we lost you. I hate this day to be honest, but every year I try to remember all the good times we shared rather than dwell on the fact that you aren't here. Recently we celebrated you and your hard work, and it was a blessing to be a part of.

A few months ago you were honored and inducted in the South Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Your friend and fellow cowboy, Roy Alonzo, nominated you. You were the hardest working cowboy I have ever known. You worked from sun up till sun down, sacrificed your body, and absolutely loved it. You worked as a court reporter to pay the bills, but your love was always on the land. Working cattle, feeding, roping, riding, you name it. We gathered with family in Pleasanton to celebrate your life, and the true cowboy you were. You ain't no rodeo cowboy ; ) .

Turner was so excited to go to his first rodeo. After I picked him up from school we HAD to stop and get him a cowboy hat, because he wanted to dress just like Pawpaw. Seeing him in his boots and hat brought tears to my eyes. When I was young you gave me a leather belt with my name on the back, and it's one of my most prized possessions. Anytime Turner wears his jeans he wants to wear it. Your legacy lives on through your children and grandchildren. I make it a point to never let them forget you.

We may not continue your tradition of raising cattle, but we will never forget it. The lessons you taught us and the hard work we saw have impacted all of our lives. I used to hate mesquite trees (damn thorns), but now they remind me of you. When I see a horse, cowboy hat, stubborn steer...you name it I'm reminded of you. I don't like to talk about your death, but I do like to talk about your life. Telling stories and hearing stories about you brings me joy. We love you and miss you, Dad.

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