5 Valentine's Day Outfits

For the first few years of marriage I always felt disappointed on Valentine's Day because I had these grand expectations of what the day would look like and what Alex would do. Thankfully I decided to just tell Alex what I wanted which is buy me chocolate, a card, and flowers. I may not be surprised by it but it beats being upset! 

If you are planning to go out for Valentine's Day or you simply want to dress up for the holiday here are some fun simple looks I put together. I enjoy wearing red and pink to work to celebrate this month of LOVE and American Hearth Month.

I'm actually going to a Galentine's Day dinner with some Austin bloggers at Grizzeldas a couple of days before so I'll actually have an opportunity to dress up! How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you go all out or is it just another day? In high school some of my best friends and I made t-shirts for Valentine's Day that said "GATO POWER" to let the men know we didn't need them ; ) (Gato = Cat = You get the picture) . I had a boyfriend at the time...bahaha!

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