Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

5 years ago we bought our first home, and today we move out of that home. It's extremely bittersweet saying goodbye to our neighbors and to this home that has been our safe haven over the years.

When we started searching for our first home in Round Rock (suburb of Austin) almost 6 years ago, we made multiple offers but nothing stuck until this one. We wrote a letter to the seller describing our family of 3 at the time, and to our surprise we were chosen! We later found out one of the main reasons the owner chose us was because we had a young son and the neighbors next door also had children the same age. I remember walking over and meeting Olivia for the first time. Her daughter Jo was the almost the same age as Turner and she had just turned one. Here we are almost 6 years later and our children are in elementary together.

As we began to meet our neighbors over the next year after we moved in, we soon realized how lucky we were. They have become some of our closest friends, to the point we go on vacation with them every summer. Our children trick or treat together, Easter egg hunt together, celebrate birthdays together. The moms have ladies night out, and the dads have guys nights.

My neighbors were some of the first people we told when we found out we were having twins. They were there for me when I lost my dad. Plain and simple we are there for each other. We celebrate each others successes, and also lift each other up when we've had a rough day. We meet out in the front yard and sit in wooden chairs while our kids play around us. We vent, and laugh and talk about random stuff. We exercise together, we go on date nights together, and we celebrate holidays together. They are my village.

Alex and I are ready to move on to a new home due to space and style, but we do recognize how wonderful our home has been to us. We have done a lot of work to it over the years, and thankfully haven't had any major issues with it. Once we had to replace our master shower, but that turned out to be a great renovation.

Walt and Whitney were brought to this home when they were 3 days old, and I've shed many tears and had many laughs here. I've had three different jobs since I've lived here, and have spent hundreds of hours blogging in a broken hand-me-down recliner after my kids went to bed.

Finding out we were having a boy AND girl in our backyard!
 The infamous hand-me-down recliner where I blogged almost every night and held lots of babies.

We had intended on renovating this home, but after much consideration we decided buying would be a better option for us in the long run. We will be listing our home as soon as we move out, get it cleaned and take photos. I pray the next owners find as much joy in it as we did and they care for our neighbors. I thank God for blessing us with this home, and pray for our next. #TheCoulterHome

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