July Budget Recap

Summer is coming to an end and hopefully my crazy spending is as well! I've been pretty good when it comes to clothing, but eating out has been a struggle. Check out what I spent in July on food and clothing, and I'm also talking about my thoughts on purchasing home decor and furniture.

Spent: $269
Budget: $200

After not shopping for clothing in June, I bought quite a few things in July. Here's a list of what I bought;

- Banana Republic Sweaters and Cami
- Gingham Headband ($12)
- Pearl Headbands ($24 for 3)
- Graphic Tee ($15)
- Chacos for Turner (We were desperate at the river for some comfy water shoes and we found these conveniently at the Garner State Park gift shop)
- Leopard Sandals - On sale for $30 at Steve Madden (unfortunately sold out)
- Frozen Swimsuit for Whitney
- Madewell Tank (Love this casual top and highly recommend!)

The Reset gift card (Bought some beautiful tops and cardigans for work. They currently have a pop-up shop located at Domain Northside till January)
- Swedish Hasbeens boots and clogs for Whitney
- Simon Mall gift card - bought Turner school clothes and Whitney a dress from the Dillard's summer sale

I sold $180 worth of clothing on Poshmark. I go through my closet every 2-3 months and donate or sell what I don't love/wear.

When it comes to home decor we made one major purchase in July which was a dining table from Nadeau ($650). I had been searching for the past 3 months and finally found one I loved that fit our space. Alex could have built it for a bit less but the time it would take him wasn't worth it to us. But with one purchase comes another...I would love new chairs. I have the credit limit to decorate my entire home with new furniture but I refuse. I will decorate with intention and pay with money I have in my bank account. There is no way I'm going back in to debt over furniture. I need to start saving now for Christmas decor, because I'm going to want to go all out!

Spent: $1,260
Budget: I've given up

I knew this was coming due to our biggest month of traveling. We ate on the road numerous times and spent a lot on dining out and beverages for the river/beach. The little snacks add up as well. Trips to the donut shop, ice cream trucks, stops after school at the gas station, and lots of snow cones. $4-$10 here and there doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up! We are soaking up summer but man we are spending a lot too. When I get back from vacation I am drained and the last thing I want to do is grocery shop or cook, so we've been eating out during the work week more as well. I'm hoping once school starts back up we'll be in more of a routine. I have used H-E-B Curbside twice and love it!

Did I mention I live near an Arby's and I'm obsessed. I try to keep it to once a week maximum. It's weird because when I was pregnant with Walt and Whitney I craved burgers for the first time. I ate In-N-Out weekly, and 3.5 years later I can't stand them. Alex is happy my obsession is over, but I'm sure he'll tire of Arby's quickly.

Photos by Madeline Harper 

To be honest we need to sit down and reevaluate our budget as we've really gone off the grid this summer with spending. Budget meetings are never fun for us, but we need to make it happen. I feel much more secure when we know exactly where our money is going. We are planning a trip to Germany and Austria for our 10th anniversary, and every time I think of making a large purchase I pull back and think about putting that money towards our trip. I would love to be able to stay at a nice hotel vs. hostels like the last time I was there over 12 years ago!

The good news is we sold our old home and made almost $100,000 on the sale. About $70,000 of that went towards our current mortgage and the rest went to college funds and our savings. Crazy to think we bought our home less than 6 years ago and made that profit without a major renovation. That's the Austin housing market for you.

I know I'm not really helping you in regards to budgeting, but rather just giving you a realistic look in to our spending. Thanks for following along!

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