Life Lately + Birthday Wish List

It's my favorite month of the year! October is always the busiest month and every weekend is filled with activities and birthdays. Today I'm sharing what I've been up to, what I've bought and what's on my birthday wish list!

I am LOVING my new role! Last week we had a two day social summit with the entire IBM social team and got to spend hours deep-diving in to social practice. I was in heaven. Social media is the new language of people and we must learn to speak it. I feel extremely blessed, and I don't take my role or company for granted. I'm heading to Washington, DC in mid-October for the MarketingProfs B2B marketing conference and I'm looking forward to learning and spending solo time in my hotel room. I'll be staying at the Gaylord Resort located at National Harbor.

We've entered in to my favorite time of the year, but also my least favorite due to sickness. My kids have constant coughs, runny noses, and I'm pretty much the one who gets sick EVERY month. Y'all...I eat vegetables (occasionally), get the flu shot, take an allergy pill, snort Flonase daily, drink healthy juice that tastes like dirt, take vitamins and exercise HOWEVER I can't escape the sickness. I try my hardest to not get on antibiotics and usually wait it out for at least 8 days and then I break and go to the doctor.

Turner will be celebrating his 7th birthday on October 19! I'm still trying to figure out what to do...party or no party? He's such a sweet boy, and we cuddle every single night. He tells me I'm his best friend, and one day he'll be carrying me in his arms (brb crying). The other day we were running errands and he said, "Mommy, one day when I'm older I'm going to take you shopping!" It was like music to my ears, haha! I need to record these conversations.

The last weekend of October Alex and I are hosting a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. There will be 14 adults and 16 kids. We bought our home envisioning entertaining and making it a space for family gatherings so we are beyond excited. Now to figure out what I will cook!

Blogging slowed down in September and I'm not mad about it! I had a few weekends where I didn't have any shoots and it felt amazing. Since I work full-time I only shoot content on the weekend, which can be extremely stressful and doesn't make for a relaxing weekend. Q4 is the biggest time of the year for brands (high earning potential), but I'm making sure to say yes to only the right collaborations. The brand needs to align and the pay needs to be worth my time.

I recently recorded a fun episode on The Balanced Life Podcast about being a working mom, marriage, budgeting and more. I'm an open book and hold nothing back. Listen here!

I've been doing budget posts for the past 9 months, but I'm ready for something different. Not sure what that will look like but today I thought I would share what I've bought recently. I will say I've bought much more home decor than usual, but it was due to my first home photo shoot. I was prepping like crazy and focused on a few specific rooms...dining room, entryway and kitchen.

- Large vase and two wicker baskets via At Home
- Entry Way Table
- Painting by Austin artist Michelle Boyd
- Numerous plants and planters to house them
- Faux Cedar Wreath
- Round Cutting Board
- Dough bowl for dining table via my favorite antique store in Georgetown (Gatherings)
- Dining Room Chandelier
- Jumpsuit for Whitney, pants for Walt, shirts for Turner & Walt (family photo outfits) I actually bought a shirt last minute from Target to wear and took it back right after photos. I don't usually do that but I wasn't in love with the shirt and was looking for a specific color to coordinate with everyone.

I'll be turning 33 on October 24. Where my Scorpios at? Here are a few things I've had my eye on.

- Leather Belt Bag - I've been wanting a belt bag for months and I'd love to get one before my Euro trip next year. This bag would have come in handy during my Round Top shopping trip!

- Free People Boho Dress - I'm in love with flowy tiered dresses right now and this one was beautiful on!

- Car Detailing - I will clean my car and two days later it's trashed. Vacuuming makes a huge difference but there are food and drink stains all over and I would love to have it professionally cleaned!

- LuluLemon Camo High-Rise Tights - Not only would these be great for working out, but they are cute enough to wear on the weekends too! I also love the shorter version as well.

- Athleta Biker Shorts - Some days when I'm working out I get so hot and wish I was wearing shorts. I think I want to jump on the biker shorts bandwagon and try these Athleta shorts!

I originally took off for my birthday (falls on a Thursday), but this year the Texas Conference for Women is on the same day so I'll be attending for work. It's one of my favorite conferences and I love learning and networking!

Photos: Madeline Harper | Location: Woodbine Mansion | Hat: Stetson | Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

To be honest, I've been missing my Dad a lot lately. Many tears have been shed and my heart aches for him to be present. Life is joyful and painful. Thank you for following along my journey.

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