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"Hallelujah! Holy S#+%! Where's the Tylenol?" I had to start off with a quote from my favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's the best time of year to binge watch movies...Elf, Home Alone, Santa Clause and the Grinch are a few of my favorites. We don't have many holiday traditions but watching Christmas Vacation is #1!

Exciting news! Alex got a new job at Apple and will be leaving the Operations team to go back to Finance. His new role is Global Process Lead and when he describes what he does I almost fall asleep, but I know it's a very important role to the company. He's been at Apple for 7 years, and I'm so proud of his hard work and perseverance. I'm loving my new role and thank God often I get to do what I love for an amazing company.

Walt randomly got the flu a few weeks ago, and I was so worried everyone would get it. Knock on wood, but NO ONE got it. I was so surprised I didn't get it considering I have the weakest immune system and Walt was coughing and sneezing in my face for 3 days straight. We all immediately got our flu shots after he was diagnosed.

When it comes to Christmas presents for the kiddos I'm pretty much done except for a few stocking stuffers which is mostly candy. Here are the big presents they will be opening on Christmas morning!
Turner: Razor dirt bike
Whitney: Barbie Jeep, Barbies
Walt: Strider balance bike (we ran over his this year)

They will all be getting robes and a new pair of shoes.

Alex and I are counting down to our 10 year anniversary trip in May! We've been researching flights for months and are about to pull the trigger. Austin to Munich here we come! We are even more excited because our friends and old neighbors, Clayton and Olivia, will be joining us! I love being tour guide so I can't wait to show them Germany and Austria. Alex and I both studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria in 2008 when we were just friends and we haven't been back to Europe since. 

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving break because we were able to go on a day date and finish a few projects around the house (with lots of arguing of course). We will both be off the week of Christmas so I'm hoping to do the same again! As much as Alex and I bicker it's amazing how we always come back to each other and remember our love is unbreakable. Sometimes I'm jealous of relationships where the couple rarely argues and seems to be head over heels in sappy love, but at the end of the day that's just not us. We butt heads but our strong personalities are what attracted us to each other. 

I just booked a blogger trip to Nashville for the end of January to meet a group of women I'm in a Facebook group with. I'm excited to network and get to know the ladies behind so many instagram accounts I follow. After 8 years, my blog still serves as my favorite creative outlet and side hustle! A lot of people are freaking out about Instagram and the state of social in general but it doesn't phase me, because this isn't my main income. For those who are wanting to start a blog, do it! There's always room because you have a unique voice and story to tell. Alex joked asking if I would be blogging when I'm old, and I replied, "Heck yes, of course I will!" So to my readers who have been following me since 2011, stick around for the long run ; ). 

SHOPPING: Alex and I aren't buying each other Christmas gifts this year because we bought our own gifts during Black Friday ; ). He got a pair of Tecovas boots and I'm getting a new closet (details to come)! I tried not to go crazy this year but man there were some good deals! I bought a few things from American Eagle, Anthropologie, Athleta and Lululemon. I bought a new pair of basic brown leather boots for everyday wear and scored a pair of snakeskin Jcrew mules at TJMaxx for $25! 

December 14 marks three years since I lost my dad. Most days I'm fine, but every now and then it will really hit me that he's not here and I break down. It's usually during a significant life event like a birthday, holiday or promotion. I wish he could celebrate with me. As I drove to work the other morning I listened to my favorite Christian album and bawled my eyes out. Sometimes I just need a good cry, and to talk to him and God. I tell him over and over again how much I love and miss him. I pray for comfort and peace for my mother. I try to remember the details of his face, his mustache, his glasses, his boots, his cowboy hat, the way he walked, the way he saddled a horse, the way he talked. And then I go to the last time I saw his face at the funeral home. It's not a good memory, I hate it actually but I still want my mind to go there so I can see his face. Hold your loved ones close, and if you feel like there is a relationship you need to mend....what are you waiting for? If that person died tomorrow, how would you feel? Would you regret something?

Thank you for following along my journey!

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