7 Valentine's Day Ideas for Families

My mom always made my siblings and I feel extremely loved on Valentine's Day. I remember coming downstairs to the smell of blueberry streusel muffins and walking in to the dining room to see a gift for each of us on the table. Usually there was a piece of James Avery jewelry inside, which was an absolute joy to receive. My sister continued the tradition with her girls, and after I became a mom I joined in. I love to spend time one on one time with Alex on Valentine's Day, but it's so fun to love on your kids and have them celebrate the day as well. Today I'm sharing some fun ideas to show the entire family how much they mean to you! And don't worry there won't be much crafting involved, because I am NOT that mom.

- Dress up fancy and go out to dinner as a family. Take a deck of cards to play while you wait. No iPad or phone rule! Also note that you don't have to go to a fancy restaurant, go anywhere that you know the whole family will enjoy. The fun is in dressing up! 

- Let your kids ask you questions about your relationship and how you met. Show them photos of your wedding day, and the day they were born! 

- Take a staycation at a local hotel. You know how much kids love hotels, and feel like kings and queens! Best part is you don't have to clean anything up.

- Start your own family Valentine's Day breakfast or dinner tradition. Make heart shaped pancakes, buy pink frosted donuts, order Chinese take out, and have a game night or movie night. Repeat each year! 

- Write each of your children and spouse a handwritten letter about all the reasons you love them. Tell them how proud you are and all the reasons that make them special. 

- Decorate sugar cookies or make a heart shaped cake together. Kids love baking....I just don't love baking with them ; ).

- Surprise them with matching Valentine's pajamas, and maybe it will make bedtime go smoother! 

If all else fails buying a giant heart shaped box of chocolates will likely bring a smile to their face! Every year I'm tempted to buy one, because they are so nostalgic! What are you up to this Valentine's Day? Date night or staying in?

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