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I've had a few sponsored posts here and there the past couple of months, but nothing planned in the future. Normally I would spend more time pitching brands, but my day job workload and the stress of it all has me feeling exhausted at night. I have much less desire to write and actively pitch because I don't have the capacity.  I never thought about having to choose between blogging and my day job, but I'm thinking about it often these days. I really don't ever want to give up my creative hobby, but something has got to give and my job makes the $. 

A really cool achievement in my 9.5 years of blogging was being featured in the Land's End fall catalog. I worked with them to shoot some photos for the catalog, but I had no idea I would end up being on half a page...twice! I would have made Alex spend more time shooting had I known that 😂. I also had my master closet showcased on California Closets, and it is by far my favorite space of my home. They didn't cover the entire closet, but gave me a percentage off. 

Months ago I was solely focused on home decor, but August hit and all of a sudden I wanted to do buy all the clothes! Even though I'm working from home I still get "dressed up" for my video conference calls. A few of my favorite things I've bought include this tie-dye sweatshirt, black tiered cotton dress ($28), white cowboy boots, and high waisted shorts. I've gained almost 10 pounds since March, but I'm trying not to get too down about it and buying clothes that actually fit me right now. 

I've also bought a few skincare items and fall decor because I really need the holiday joy!

Three words....virtual learning sucks. No matter how great the teachers are, it's still an all around a terrible experience for everyone to go through. I got some tough news about the severity of Turner's dyslexia last week that was tough to hear, but we're going to do everything we can to work with him on improving and learning. It's just another ball to juggle, and I feel like I'm dropping them all 😩. 

Walt and Whitney have been going to full-time daycare, and I'm thankful every day for it. I would not have been able to continue with my current workload if they were home with me. They are both still VERY defiant, fussy and wild so I'm hoping 5 gets a bit easier. It's been a summer of learning for them as they both learned how to swim and ride a bike. I was hoping they would learn how to ski this winter, but that will have to wait. They are also both in speech therapy, which I'm going to be writing a post on that soon. 

Lots of projects in the works and strategizing for next year as we get closer to Q4. I've been doing some fun ambassador work for IBM and you can see a few of my posts on LinkedIn here! It's really fun to be able to combine my knowledge of social with my passion for being a working mom. 

I finally set up an actual office in Turner's room at his desk. It's made a huge difference in my overall mindset, but my back kills me for some reason. The desk height and chair isn't very ergonomic, but I love having my monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse again. I am soaking up not having to commute, saving money on gas, and being able to do laundry during the day. I do miss my co-workers and that in-person collaboration, but I'm hoping when things go back to "normal" we have more of a flexible schedule to work from home more often.

We've had a really great summer with our trips to the river and beach, and I've got one more up my sleeve before the summer ends. My mom, sis and I are heading to Comfort, Texas and I'm excited to explore this cute town I've driven through hundreds of times in college but never stopped in. It doesn't really matter where I go these days, any trip away from the kids feels like a luxury. 

We had booked a ski trip to Red River, NM almost a year ago for this December, but recently learned they are shutting down the kids' ski school due to COVID. Because of that my in-laws offered to watch Walt and Whitney for the week so Alex, Turner and I could ski together. However....the state of New Mexico just extended their 14 day quarantine law so we're in the process of trying to figure out if we'll be cancelling our trip all together. 

Photos by Madeline Harper | Location Grand Lady Austin | Dress 

I'm looking forward to celebrating Turner's 8th birthday and my 34th next month. October is my favorite month of the year and always the busiest! 

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