February Small Goals

January was a tough month. One reason I could never live up north is because I NEED heat and sun, which I did not get a lot of this past month. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel during the week, which I know many mothers feel like. 

I finished my RVShare YouTube video, but I'm still working on the blog post. They will be posting the video on their YouTube page. Many people asked what I really thought of the trip and my honest thoughts are I LOVED the RV, and I loved traveling in it. My kids are just another level of crazy, so it was tough with them in the morning and evenings when the weather wasn't great and we couldn't be outside. I would absolutely take another RV trip, but I want to wait until my kids are a bit older. 

Their cookie cake from Great American Cookie Co. was a HIT! We celebrated with a small group of friends, and then they had another party at school. 

Alex and I booked our first trip to New Orleans for his 33rd birthday (April 8-11)! We are going with our best friends from college who we don't get to see often so we are sooo excited! Turner is off for a 3 day break in February, and Spring Break in March but we'll be sending him to baseball camp and likely the YMCA. We also booked a beach house in Florida for 5 nights in June with my sister and her fam. Alex and I have never been to Florida so we're looking forward to the beach! Only downside is we're driving (over 10 hours), but it will save us a lot of money. Alex and I haven't booked a ski trip yet, but we are planning on driving to Taos the week after Christmas with the kids. 

I haven't completed my 2021 goals due to a few changes within my business unit, but I was able to cross off my 2020 goals and have my performance review! I am currently getting my Digital Event Strategist Certification which is a 6 week course with a big test at the end. I'm not planning on going in to an events role, but this skillset will only help me become a better marketer no matter what role I'm in. 

I've not done a ton of training, but I have been working with him on his leash walking. Making sure he is attentive to me and giving him treats for walking right next to me. I did enroll in the Conscious Dog Training Online Puppy Course, and look forward to working my way through it. 


I've struggled in my motherhood journey lately, and I've realized it's time to seek some guidance. I will go in to more detail later, but my goal is to research therapists, make sure my insurance covers it, and book an appointment. 

I think part of my slump has been that I'm not dressing up like I used to. Styling outfits has always boosted my confidence, but since working from home for almost an entire year I rarely wear anything but loungewear. My goal is to dress up at least twice a week. I've gotten used to not wearing makeup, and it's been great for my skin so I don't plan on applying anything other than mascara. 

I didn't buy any clothes for myself in January which is a pretty big deal for a semi-fashion blogger. I LOVE clothes, and shopping/putting together outfits brings me joy. However since I am working from home I really don't need to buy anything new. Alex and I are really trying to curb our spending, and have vacations planned we want to use our extra money for. I can't wait until Walt and Whitney are in kindergarten and we get $2,000 back in our bank account 🙌. I have a feeling we will use the first two months to pay for our Taos ski trip and then we'll start putting it in to a 529 for the kids college. 

Photos: Madeline Harper | Shoot Location: Commodore Perry Estate

Life has been insanely busy with doctors appointments, vet appointments, work projects, baseball and more which is why I'm keeping my goal list short. I'm excited for Valentine's Day and sunnier days ahead!