How I Stopped Chronic Nail Biting

I have been a nail biter since I can remember. I have also twirled my hair and bitten my lip. Not sure what those tendencies are called...anxious habits? I do them with I'm nervous, stressed or when my mind is wandering. Nail biting has been hard on my teeth and to be honest not great for my health because my hands are always in my mouth. Today I'm sharing how I finally stopped!

I've tried getting my nails done over the years which has helped for a time, but I hated the price tag. Then Olive & June reached out and asked if I would sample their mani system. I was apprehensive but thought it couldn't hurt. Two words...LIFE CHANGING! P.S. this is not sponsored, and I was not asked to write this post. I simply want to share because I truly think this is a huge blessing for nail biters out their like me!

At first I thought it was just nail polish, but their mani system has really been what's the game changer. What is their mani system? It's basically 8 products that create salon perfect nails at home! Here are the products I use:

- Straight edge nail clipper

- Dual-grit nail file

- Salon-quality nail buffer

- Acetone-free polish remover pot

- Mani-perfecting clean up brush (this is an extremely helpful tool and gives me a flawless paint job)

- The Poppy (no problem painting my right hand with this amazing tool that attaches to the top of every nail polish bottle)

- Award-winning cuticle serum

- Super glossy top coat

I finally learned how to clip, file and shape my nails. I learned how to paint correctly, and how to moisturize to take care of my cuticles. They have amazing tutorials that have helped me, and their nail polish is freaking amazing! It lasts at least 10 days, and I'm HARD on my nails! 

I prefer short nails with a rounded shape. I usually do 3 coats of nail polish + a top coat. Every 3 days I will add another coat of polish + top coat to keep the color glossy and avoid any chipping. Another item I LOVE are their fast drying dry drops that are great for when you're in a hurry (these are what nail salons use and leave my nails extra glossy)! If you purchase their mani system + 6 nail polishes it comes out to $80 (get 20% off with this code). I would spend around $30 every two weeks on a classic manicure. That adds up quick! I'm saving SO much $$$ with Olive & June. I do understand that getting a manicure is therapeutic, and for that reason I get pedicures every 5-6 weeks. 

You can purchase the full selection of Olive & June nail polish + their mani system on their site, but they also sell in Target however products are limited. If you are a nail biter, I hope you will try it out because it truly has been life changing for me. It's so weird using a nail clipper after not using one for 34 years. Sometimes I will go a week without nail polish but because my nails are shaped and well moisturized I don't feel the need to bite anymore. I do have a code that will get you 20% off and me free nail polish 😉 if you purchase. 

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