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I feel like I'm entering a season of CRAZY! I mean I know the holidays are busy, but the end of the school year always sneaks up on me. School field trips, field day, sports practice and games and all the planning for summer. However, I do LOVE warm weather so I'm ready for pool days, river trips and hopefully a beach vacation 🏖. 

It's been almost 7 months since I started at Dell. I'm still learning a ton and soaking it all in. Lots of training and learning how the organization works. Our office recently opened back up which is a short drive from my home so I plan on going in occasionally to visit with my teammates. Alex will be going back in to the Apple office three days a week starting in May, and it's definitely going to be an adjustment.  I was able to attend Dell Match Play this year and had the opportunity to meet my co-workers and many Dell leaders. I walked right up to Michael Dell with a strong handshake and good eye contact and introduced myself. We had a good chat, and he was extremely kind and down to earth. When I went to London for Spring Break I had the opportunity to meet up with 3 of my co-workers and we had a blast having lunch and sharing a drink for the first time.

My big project is currently is managing our influencer partnerships for Dell Tech World in Vegas this May so it's going to be a VERY busy April. The time has been flying by. I'm LOVING my home office though, and feel like it's a great way to start and end my day since it's a closed off space. 

Walt: Walt started soccer and is thriving! That boy is aggressive and fast, which is what you need in soccer. I have noticed he struggles with breathing so I'm calling his doctor this week to get him an inhaler (she had already thought he might struggle with it and advised me to watch him). He discovered YouTube thanks to his brother 🙄 and quickly became obsessed so I deleted it off ALL electronics. We do have YouTube kids on one iPad that he can watch occasionally. I refuse to allow my kids to watch YouTube if I'm not present in the room. 

Whitney: Whitney isn't currently doing any extracurricular because her brothers are taking up all our time, and she's not begging to do anything so we're going with it! She loves playing with our neighbor's daughter on weeknights and weekends. She's still very in to outfits and her hair, although her hair is a very big pain point in our morning routine. Our weekday morning usually involves me styling her hair 2-3 times with melt downs in between. I HAVE to stay calm because if I sigh or give off one ounce of annoyance she loses it. Hoping she grows out of this phase soon because it's mentally exhausting. 

Turner: Currently playing baseball 3 times a week in our local rec league, but also practicing soccer daily at home. I don't know what happened, but Turner all of a sudden discovered he loves soccer. I tried to get him to play for years, but he was never interested. I think it started at school because he plays with his friends almost daily during recess. He's determined to play soccer instead of baseball this fall. I'm hoping to take him to an Austin FC game soon (I'd take Walt but that kid can't sit still for 2 minutes). If you didn't know Turner LOVES clothes and especially shoes. When I took him to the most popular 5 story toy store in London, Hamley's, he wanted nothing to do with it. All he wanted to do was go shopping for outfits. He is his mama's boy 😉. 

I've signed up Walt and Whitney up for a weekly summer camp in Georgetown, and Turner will be going to various sports and overnight camps. He's old enough that I don't worry if he's home for a few days here and there. 

Q1 and Q2 are usually the slowest quarters of the year for me so I've haven't done much sponsored work. In the past I've stayed up late after the kids have gone to bed to work on this side hustle and hobby of mine, but lately I haven't had the energy. I find it hard to focus and write after putting my kids to bed, and that's likely because my day job is very busy and the last thing I want to do is look at my computer. 

However this blog is always evolving with my life so I'm not putting pressure on myself to do it ALL. I blog when I can, and am very selective about the partnerships I take on. I do have a goal to switch over to Wordpress this year, but it's expensive and a big undertaking so we'll see.

Our spring break trip to London was EPIC 🇬🇧! Our friends and old neighbors are living in London for a year for work, and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit. Alex and I had visited London for a few days in college (2008) when studying abroad but to be honest we didn't remember much. This time we had more money and iPhones that are complete travel game changers. We loved having Turner with us experiencing all the sites and foods together. Full blog post to come on our trip! Walt and Whitney stayed with my in-laws and went to camp during the week. We didn't really talk about our trip leading up to it or even much after. They know we went to London, but didn't ask questions and we didn't Face Time or talk to them the entire week. It's better that way in my opinion, because once they see they're missing out they get emotional. We brought them home lots of goodies so they were happy! 

I don't have any big trips planned, but hoping to book a Port Aransas vacation this summer. 

Since I'll be heading back in to the office more it was time to step up my work wardrobe. Many of my dress pants don't fit anymore which I'm mourning. I had some amazing Theory suits that I ended up consigning, but I'm trying not to dwell on what was. My body has changed since I started working from home. I don't see my eating patterns changing, but I feel like my age has finally caught up with me. Late night snacking is my downfall 🤪. Loft is by far my go-to for affordable work outfits, and their spring line does not disappoint! Check out all my outfits here. And if I'm not at work you will find me in cotton dresses + sandals all spring and summer. I do plan on purchasing a few one-piece swimsuits from Summersalt and Jcrew because we spend a lot of time at the neighborhood pool. 

I splurged on a pair of Golden Goose sneakers which I'm eating my words because I said I would never buy 🤣. A full review coming soon! 

Thanks for following along my journey!

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