What I packed for a week in Italy

I originally tried to pack in a carry on for my 9 day trip to Italy but the weather through a wrench in that plan. The forecast called for rain, sun, cold and hot weather so packing becoming a bit challenging. However, I'm proud of myself for packing minimally into one medium suitcase and a small duffle carry on that I used for my toiletries, iPad/technology, snacks and saved room for bringing gifts back home! Take a look at my detailed packing list + my outfits.  

Many people asked me what the style was in Italy and to be honest it was all over the place. Because we were in a very touristy area of Italy, there were people from all over the world and there wasn't a singular style I could point out. People simply wore what they wanted so my advice is don't get caught up in trying to "fit in" and simply where what you like and feel comfortable in. Especially if you are spending money on outfits that you will want to continue to wear when you come home! 


- 2 button up shirts (1 striped / 1 white): I think a big key was layering pieces. I started with basic tees and tanks and then brought 2 button up shirts that could be worn alone or over a tee or even bathing suit. I packed 

- 3 solid tanks

- 3 solid t-shirts

- 1 skirt

- 2 dresses (one of my dresses served as a coverup as well)

- 2 pairs of jeans 

- 1 pair of khaki pants

- 1 linen set 

- 1 cardigan (I wore this as a layering piece at night but it could also be worn as a top by itself)

- 1 striped sweater (used for layering)

- 1 pair of Alo athleisure pants ( I wore these when flying and my first full day exploring Rome. I HIGHLY recommend a pair of pants like these. Lightweight and you immediately feel put together.)

- 1 Summersalt swimsuit 

- 4 pairs of shoes: Hoka sneakers, Freda Salvador Fisherman sandals, Target slide sandals, Shu Shop high-top sneakers 

- 2 jackets (trench coat, Free People denim jacket)

- 2 bags (Vintage Gucci leather crossbody, backpack from TJ Maxx)

- 2 hats (Sun hat via Free People & baseball cap)

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Thanks for following along and I hope I can inspire a few outfits for your next trip! Check out all my outfits on my LTK page here

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