Four Eyes

Hope is searching for new glasses, so she decided to go with the easy choice of Warby Parker: 5 home try-on pairs for free. Man, sometimes I wish I had vision problems just so I could own a pair. I guess I'll have to save the glasses for my elderly years. Which pair do you like the best? 

P.S. - Hope is sadly leaving my office to go work as a recruiter for good 'ole HSU. It's a happy and sad week for us. Requirements for the new intern position include:

1.) Must be willing to sacrifice your lunch for a photo shoot

2.) Must be able to complete a 30 second mail run: in and out of the post office

3.) Be quick to file, so they never end up on my desk

4.) Know what I’m thinking so I don’t have to say it out loud and suffer from my “foot in mouth” disease

5.) Think I’m funny and laugh at all my jokes


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Macy Young said...

My favorite is definitely 3. Were we supposed to vote? Oh well.