We've got Hope

Meet Hope Malone, my college friend and co-worker. We talk daily about our dream of going in to business together, but the problem is we can't think of the business. We hope to be marketing gurus one day ; ).  When it comes to work, Hope's wardrobe always consists of vibrant colors and prints.  I on the other hand literally throw on the most comfortable pair of slacks, a top, and some flats and head out the door to work.  My work wardrobe color palette consists of black, brown, tan, gray, and navy. Let's hope I can get some inspiration from Miss Hope!

Top: Forever 21. Cardigan: Marshalls. Skirt: Gap. Shoes: Marshalls.
Watch: Michael Kors. Bracelet: Forever 21


Macy Young said...

Ahh, I love these! She looks so cute!

Hope Malone said...

I'm ready for a giveaway. That'll boost the ratings, right?