Love at first sight

As I was going through my closet looking for items I can swap this coming Saturday, I realized how many wonderful things I have thrifted over the years.  When I say thrifted, I don't mean a vintage/boutique store that already did the hunting and increased the price. I mean Goodwill, Salvation army, St. Vincent's thrift, and many more little shops in Abilene that I've spent hours in. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that I've collected.  

Yes, this is a sequin butterfly top, and it's amazing. I shrieked with joy when I found it.

Vintage dress that I fell in love with but doesn't fit me. I will either grow in to it one day, or I will pass it down to my kiddos. 

Wonderfully crafted leather vest that fits like a glove. 

Ah, my beloved Wrangler leotard.  This has come in handy for 80's parties and dance parties. Probably the most comfortable one-piece ever.

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S said...

love all your finds! thrifting is addictive :)