Practical vs. Want

So as my birthday approaches (Oct. 24), Alex asked me to provide a list of items I want for my birthday so that he could pick from them. Ah, it's like an internet shopping spree except you know your not getting all of it, sad day. I personally would like cash so I can conquer the outlet mall, but he doesn't want to do it that way. As I've gotten older I've realized that I should probably asks for things that I need since I don't have just tons of cash lying around, so now I am torn between asking for something I want and something that's more practical.
Here are a few items on my WANT list.

And here are a few items on my PRACTICAL list. I'm out of moisturizer and blush, and I need a starbucks giftcard so I can stop wasting my money on water every time I go to study. I don't drink coffee, so I just buy ethos water so the baristas don't get mad at me.  My black work flats have holes in them, and I need a black belt for my boring dress slacks. 

I kind of just want to knix this whole list all together and say put the money in our savings account. I want to save up to buy a new couch, bath towels, and bedding. Man, I'm getting old and boring. Or maybe just wise and practical?

Need List

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