What to wear?

You might not know this, but I LOVE to dress up (in costumes I mean).  My friends and I are throwing a Halloween party this year and I'm uber excited for all the costumes.  I'm kind of regretting my costume choice, but I already bought the wig so there is no backing out now.  I am strongly against buying pre-packaged costumes. I would much rather go in to my closet and find inspiration for my outfit (probably beause I have a bunch of random/crazy crap in my closet).  Here are a few pics of costume parties I've been to over the past few years... I love these memories. 

Costume: Ribbon Dancer

Costume: Juno

Costume: 80's Rocker

Costume: German Girl

Costume: 80's Outfit

Costume: Tooth Fairy

Costume: Harajuku Girl
Costume: Katy Perry

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Alyssa Rasco said...

Bahh! Love this post. That picture of Casey was the first time I met her, and Marshall in the John McCain mask was the first time I met him. Good memories, wish we could be at the Halloween party this year!