I spy

Just when I think my big brother is all grown up and won't annoy me anymore, he swoops in and surprises me. I tried to take some quick pics in front of my brother's house in Austin, and all of a sudden I notice a big grin on Alex's face.  I'm thinking, "Ok, do I look like an idiot or what?" I realize he's laughing because my brother is staring at me through his front door window.  So, I yell "Stop it Wesley!", just like when I was a 6 year old and he would bug the crap out of me. I get back to my pics and again....something else pops in the window. My good feline friend, Moses. Too bad Alex is deathly allergic to cats and we can only visit for short periods at a time.

 Buy this watch @ Timex.com for $40 or pay $150 at Jcrew for almost the exact same watch...Rip off Jcrew

Top: Jcrew Factory. Sweater: Crewcuts Factory. (Little Boys Section)  Jeans: Gap Outlet.
Shoes: Maurices. Watch: Timex.
Thank you Round Rock Outlets and Black Friday for many of these purchases

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