Fashion for Less #9

As I head back to Austin once again this weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing my brother's band, Hundred Visions, play at the Mohawk on Friday night.  I learned early on that when going downtown in Austin during the winter you must a.) where comfortable shoes b.) bring a coat.  For me, there is nothing worse than being cold.  So, this outfit below is perfect.  I've been loving all black outfits lately, probably because I just finished the latest season of Rachel Zoe.
P.S. - This outfit is just over $100, I couldn't budge on the sweater price.
Rock 'N' Roll

I fell in love with these green shorts the second I saw them.  Adding a nice pop of color in the winter is always nice.  Pair them with a sweater and some military boots and you've got a "sassy" outfit as Alex would like to say.
Short shorts

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