Milena - Polish Artist

Dzien Dobry! Jak sie masz? Just a few of the phrases I learned while living in Poland for a year as a Rotary exchange student in 2005/06.  Milena was one of the first people I met in Poland and we instantly became best buds.  She loved to dance to weird techno songs with me, help me with the crazy polish language, and taught me how to make homemade pierogis.  I miss her and Poland constantly and I hope to visit in the next few years.  

Milena is following her dream of becoming an artist, and I believe she has a bright future! Here is what Milena has to say about her artwork. (She speaks great English...I can't say the same for my Polish)

What inspires me the most are: fairytales, old movies ,random wikipedia articles, just everyday situations that happen to you while you use public transport or walk on the street. I design what I like - would like to wear or have, that's the simple rule I follow. I want my work to be 100% handmade so I paint shoes, shirts or bags using my own hands, brushes and paints. I think my goal is to create stuff that reminds adults of their happy childhood's memories and for a moment be a kid in some way." - Milena

A real tattoo of Milena's art

Amazing...I love Beetlejuice!

Dziekuje Milena! Visit milenamilak.com to see more artwork!

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