Moving In

Alex and I signed on an apartment last weekend in Austin (more so Round Rock), and I'm so ready to start decorating.  The space is very small, about 700 square feet, but it fits just the two of us.  Guests are welcome but bring your blow up mattresses!  We are on the hunt for some new living room furniture since I sold it all..haha, I wanted a fresh start.  We scored a couch that was half-price, and still need a coffee table, rug, curtains, and a couple of accent chairs.  Alex would love a giant leather recliner, and I say HECK NO to that! Where can I find a fashionable recliner that my husband can fit comfortably in? Probably not gonna happen.

Here's a few pics of our trip to IKEA

Our new coach...they threw in the pillows but they definitely need to be recovered.
Want this clock

I don't know what the heck this is but it was hideous...leather + suede, and it rotated 360. Alex of course enjoyed it.
Here are a few pics of inspiration for our living room. I want something simple and comfortable with a mix of modern & vintage.

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