Free Time

You'd think I would want a break from school after being in it for 20 years, but 2 days was enough. I'm bored. I came to the realization a few years ago that I really do love to learn, and now that I am finished with school forever (well, maybe for the next few years) I get to choose what I want to learn about.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted to get my MBA, but I did NOT want to take accounting and statistics over again.  Alex is probably happier than I am that I'm finished with school because he doesn't have to hear me complain anymore.  

Now that I actually get to live in a city that offers tons of options when it comes to educational courses as well as random activities, I am more than excited and can't seem to choose what I want to do this spring. Here is my list.

I'm pretty much obsessed with the drums. It might have to do with the fact that my dad used to be a professional drummer. I would say my family is musically inclined. My brother plays bass/keyboard, my mom plays the piano, and my dad also plays the banjo and dobro. I guess my sis and I are just the background singers. The problem is I'm not sure I could talk Alex into buying me a drum set for our 1 bedroom apartment.  

Dad playing the banjo at a bar in San Marcos,TX

Brother "slappin da bass" at a Hundred Vision show

Plain and simple. I NEED to learn how to cook.

I would love to learn how to use my SLR. My automatic setting is not cutting it anymore.

Ich liebe Deutschland! I took 3 years of German in college, and I miss it so much.  I know I will never be fluent if I just sit in a classroom and read out of a textbook. So, maybe after a course or two I can convince Alex to take me to Germany to practice! 

I tried to learn Polish for an entire year when I was an exchange student. FAIL.
 Seriously one of the hardest languages!

Obviously this isn't Germany, but we took a detour to London during our semester abroad
 in Salzburg, Austria.   German lessons might be the perfect excuse for my ticket back.

Going to a small university had it's pros, but the one downfall was it didn't have was a fashion department.  I would have loved to major in fashion merchandising/marketing/or promotion.  Now, I finally have the option to take the classes for fun!

I need help with this blog....badly. Graphic design knowledge would also help me further my career in marketing because businesses nowadays not only want you to come up with the idea, 
but they want you to create it.  

So, which class do you think I should take? If you could take a course or learn a new skill, what would it be?

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Heather said...

I really want to take a graphic design course or two myself! I'd also like to get back in to pottery. I did it in high school and college and loved it.