Back to work

Today is my first official day as the Marketing Manager of Republic Tequila in Austin, TX.  I will be in charge of marketing, events, social media, PR and working along side the design team to create advertising campaigns.  I am beyond excited to work for such an amazing company.  Republic Tequila produces 100% organic tequila and packages it in amazing Texas shaped bottles.  It will be quite a commute, but it will be fun to work downtown in a historic Austin home just near the capital. These past 3 weeks of vacation were nice, but I'm ready to get back to work! 

Here is an advertising campaign of Republic Tequila...I love it!

This is the CEO and my boss, Tom Nall. It's good to know I'll be working for a man that reminds me of my Dad.

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Julie said...

What a cool job! Hope your first day went well!

Hope Malone said...

So proud of you!