Rae Rae comes to town

  Alex and I went to my hometown this weekend mainly to get my hair cut (I refuse to pay Austin prices), but of course seeing family is always great.  Being an hour 1/2 away is soooo much better than 5 hours like the past 6 years.  

Chicken 'n Dumplings...my favorite meal at home

My youngest niece Ella wanted to wear my boots all day.  It was so cute watching her shuffle around. Notice my sister in the back knocked out. She always manages to slip a quick nap in when Aunt Rae Rae comes to visit.

Back to Austin on Sunday to hunt for a dress for my brother's wedding. I loved this BCBG dress, but out of my price range.

My family and I went through a bunch of old pictures to search for super embarrassing ones of my brother to put up at his wedding, but of course I found lots of my own.  Proof I should have been in an 80's hair band.

I'm sure you watched the Super Bowl.  What did you think? I thought Madonna's half time performance was great...c'mon, man bouncing on a tight rope, that was awesome. 

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