Getting to wear jeans to work is seriously amazing!  Now, I do like to change it up and wear dresses, skirts, or nice pants every once in a while, but I am a jeans kind of girl.  I own quite a few pairs, but lately I've been wearing bootcut.  A woman should always have a pair of dark boot cut and skinny jeans in her closet.  Gap is my go to because their jeans always seem to fit my behind the best.  I've got quite a bit of area to cover ; ).  

Casual Day

Since my company is geared toward the Texan theme, I love wearing cowboy boots.  I usually wear my boot cuts with a flowy top and a blazer/cardigan over it to make the look more professional.  I have two pairs of Justin boots, black and brown, and they are wonderful! I would advise every woman to have a good pair of boots in her closet. Perfect for dancing, working cattle (it's been a while for me), and dressing up a pair of jeans.  Sometimes when I got out with friends, I don't want to put on heels because I know my feet will be killing me the whole night, which of course takes away from the fun.  Boots are the perfect solution. And ladies, please don't buy those cheap "fashionista" boots. It's totally worth it to go to a local boot shop and buy a quality pair that will last for years.  I've had my brown boots since I was 16, and they are still going strong.

Urban Cowboy

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