Proud Lady

I'm extremely proud of my husband Alex, because he chased his dream and it finally came true.  If you know Alex, you know that he's obsessed with Apple, Inc.  He pretty much wakes me up every morning with a new Apple fact.  Anytime anyone has trouble with their Mac or iPhone, he's the one to call.  We own their stock, read their books, and love their products.  Now, he can officially say he is an Apple employee.  He's applied numerous times this past year, but nothing stuck....but then one day it did.  He met the right person at the right liquor tasting (Yes, that's right...we've both gotten our jobs through meeting someone at a liquor tasting).  So, if you need a job, I highly recommend you hang around liquor stores ; ) I truly believe that hard work pays off, and Alex works his butt off every day.  He would get discouraged sometimes when he tried so hard and nothing good seemed to come out of it, but I always reminded him that we reap what we sow.  Be honest, loyal, and loving to people and the Lord will one day bless you.  I'm not saying that God is always going to give you exactly you want, but he will bless you in his own way at his perfect timing.  

In celebration of Alex's new job, and his 24th birthday we decided to take a quick trip next week.  We wanted to go to Mexico, but my passport needs to be renewed, and planning a trip in week can be difficult.  So, we're off to Vegas!  I have never been a huge fan, and haven't desired to go (except to see Garth Brooks Live) but I'm pretty excited.  Unfortunately Garth won't be performing, but you know Celine Dion will...haha, I don't think I could put Alex through that.  We booked our trip last night, and watched Vegas Vacation in anticipation.  I plan on sitting by the pool most of the day, enjoying a couple of shows, playing the slot machines, and going on a damn tour ; ) Any tips? Must see casinos? Restaurants we can't pass up?


Sofia H. said...

Yay! Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

Unknown said...

Fun! And congrats to Alex! We went to LV for the first time in June, and I recommend getting a table at Mesa (Bobby Flay's restaurant at Caesar's). It wasn't crazy expensive, and sooo good. We also had the meal of a lifetime at Craftsteak (at MGM) but may not do it again, since great steak in Texas isn't hard to find.

I made N ride a bus to the outlet malls with me and got my awesome Cole Haan bag for $180 (half off) so that was my favorite thing we did. ;-)

Tess said...

Oh! Congrats, Jesse & Alex! So happy for you! And yes, the damn tour is really cool! Not to be missed.