Texas our Texas

Last Friday, I celebrated Texas Independence Day with my company and many other people across the state.  I traveled to Gonzales, TX where the Texas Revolution began and was able to meet some wonderful small town people at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast.  Once they heard I was from the "big city" they even took me on a tour of the town.  I'm not usually in to history, but I seriously was amazed by this tiny town.  

On the trip back I spotted these cute guys, Jerusalem donkeys, on the 
side of the road! 

The "Come and Take It" cannon that started it all.  I would have thought it was bigger, it only weighs 6 lbs.

Last stop of the night was a tasting at Oak Liquor Cabinet. Cheers! When I walked through my front door on Friday night, I pretty much collapsed on the floor. I stuffed about 4 pieces of pizza in my mouth, and slept till 11am the next morning (that never happens...the sleeping late part).

Saturday my parents came in to town so my Dad could by a banjo, and get his computer fixed.  He's kind of obsessed with his banjos.   

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with crepes. I could seriously eat them for every meal. This weekend I was finally able to try out Cafe Crepe in Austin, and of course I was not disappointed. You can't really mess up a thin pancake covered with nutella, strawberries, and whip cream.

Here's to a productive week! The weather is gorgeous and all I want to do is take a nap in a park. 

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Unknown said...

looks yummy! what a fun post. i see yOU will be at TxSC too. -Virginia Lee Boyles http://vany212.com @vany212