This past weekend was an emotional roller coaster.  Tragically, my Uncle Mike (aka Bone Daddy) died in a sudden crash and sent our family into utter shock.  Saturday, we gathered together and celebrated his life.  We all noticed that when we started to become sad about his passing, we always ended up laughing by hearing a hilarious story about his life.  He was seriously the life of the party! He owned thousands of crazy party hats, wore tie-dye t-shirts and converse shoes daily, and said often, "It's allll good!" He was that Uncle that would come down in a blow up sumo wrestler outfit at Christmas, or this year Buddy the Elf in red panty hose.   

Perfect memorial for Uncle Mike

Christmas 2011

No one likes funerals, but I always take away an amazing sense of value of life, family, and my relationship with Christ.  Everything I was worrying about before his death that seemed so important at the time, now became extremely meaningless.  I sat around and held the family that I still had, and felt extremely blessed.  It stunk that we had to go through something so terrible, but at least we had each other.  

Easter came at a perfect time during our loss to remember Jesus' sacrifice and love for us.  We celebrated with a BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, and a Piñata (my favorite!)

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