Viva Las Vegas

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I went on a quick trip to Vegas.  It wasn't my first choice, especially since I can't drink, and when you think of Vegas you think of drinking and gambling.  We did the gambling part, until we lost $50 in 5 minutes and I literally had a break down in the MGM casino.  I started crying, and thought "OMG...My husband is turning in to Clark Griswold. He's going to spend our entire nest egg." Which luckily after the first day, we set a budget for how much to gamble with and that calmed my nerves.  Vegas is one of those destinations that's good to see once, but I would never go back.  Just not for me.  

The shows were the best part of the trip. We saw Penn & Teller and Cirque Du Soleil "O".  Oh, and did I mention that our hotel had a crepe restaurant!? Crepes were everywhere in Vegas so I was in nutella heaven.  I did absolutely no shopping in Vegas, even though there were amazing shopping centers, but crazy high end.  Who can shop at those places? Then Alex reminded me how often the Kardashian's visit Vegas. 

I'm glad we went, but I was ready to be on that plane headed back to Austin after 4 days.

Thanks lady to the left for standing in front of the sign for 15 minutes with your stupid paper doll.

Wynn Hotel

Paris Hotel

Reenacting every scene from Vegas Vacation at the Hoover Dam

Black Jack...our favorite game

Bellagio Buffet...we regretted this decision later

I had no idea this was actually a running show...Alex wasn't up for it : (
Met Penn Gillette after his show. We had a talk about The Apprentice : )

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