16 Weeks

These past 16 weeks I really haven't felt pregnant. I haven't experienced any symptoms, and haven't been showing up until these past few days.  I can still wear most of my clothes, except a couple of pairs of tight jeans. Today I have my monthly appointment, and I'm excited to see how things are going and to check on the heartbeat. 

  I'll be having the baby at the Austin Area Birthing Center, which is a super relaxed and professional birthing center that has certified Midwives/RNs.  I believe there are 8 midwives, and every appointment I meet with a different one so I get can get to know each one.  When it's time to push, the midwife on call will be the one running to my rescue. I think what sold me was the jacuzzi bath tubs in every room.  I don't mind laying in a hot bath, especially considering my back issues over the years.  I have no idea how my labor will look, but the birthing center gives me the option to pretty much do whatever.  Pilates ball, bed, bath tub....wherever I'm comfy and ready to push is where it will happen.