Cinco De Mayo

This past weekend Alex and I were finally able to take a trip back to Abilene! It was the first time I'd visited since I graduated in December.  I was able to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with friends, and visit my old church (man...I seriously miss it).  Alex and I stayed with our best buds, Sierra and Grant. It's always fun when we get together, because we can laugh and joke about marriage.  I miss the relaxed atmosphere of a small town and no traffic!  

Pedicure w/Sierra....they wrapped these crazy hot washcloths around our calves.
Goofy looking but felt amazing!

Tried the Necklace test to see if we could get a hint on the gender.
Got a boy one time, and a girl the next. 

Enjoyed some Republic Tequila Margaritas (I sadly had to decline)

Miss Sierra and I before going out to eat at Perinis

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