DFW Weekend

This past weekend Alex and I took a short trip to Dallas to see Coldplay in concert.  We got to hang out with my cousin Daniel and his wife Clayre, who is due with a little girl in 3 weeks! 

Hiding our bumps. You can't even tell Clayre is about to pop!

We were also able to meet up with my parents and Alex's entire family in Fort Worth for lunch at Joe T. Garcias (over rated) on Saturday.  We stumbled upon the Fort Worth Stockyards, and I loved it. Especially the western shops filled with AMAZING boots. I'd honestly rather spend $800 on a pair of hand made boots than a piece of jewelry. It would be much harder for me to lose the boots (I tend to misplace expensive items). 

Madre and I. Dress: Macy's. Shoes: Mia via DSW. Belt: Thrifted
LOVE this pillow!

Only $1,300!

Back to the Coldplay concert. I went in trying not to get my hopes up, because 3 years ago their Viva La Vida tour was absolutely amazing. I mean...awe worthy, breath taking. I have dreamt about that concert ever since we went. Unfortunately, our seats weren't very great this time. The gigantic speakers not only blocked our view of the band's faces, but also the big screens : ( . It was still a great concert in the nose bleed section, but Alex swore that for the next concert we are going to drop some serious cash for amazing seats. 

All in all it was a great weekend. I was able to visit a ton of family and see my favorite band.    Sunday, we drove back early so my sister, the baby making pro, could help me work on my registry at Babie's R Us.  She walked through the store saying, "You'll need that. Scan it." I'm very thankful for her help. I get way too overwhelmed with baby stuff. 

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