Got her blue jeans on

It's Friday, and I'm going casual.  This may not be the most high fashion outfit out there..ok, it's definitely not, but it's comfy and that's all I want at the end of a long week.  I find myself wearing these jeans (5 yrs. old) quite a bit with my cowboy boots (8 yrs. old). These two pieces together are pretty much the comfiest combo. I'm a jean girl, even in the summer.

Shirt: Forever 21. Jeans: Miss Me Boots: Justin. Purse: Michael Kors (gifted)

 Yesterday, I decided to wear my new pair of maternity jeans. BIG MISTAKE! I thought I would buy one nice pair of jeans that would last me through multiple pregnancies, and I decided on these Mavi jeans from a Pea in the Pod that were on sale. They were extremely uncomfortable, and I felt like my pants were falling off all day.  The elastic came down so far I had to constantly pull on my tank top so the elastic wouldn't show. I am kicking myself for tearing the price tag off, because now I'm stuck with a pair of jeans I will never wear again. 

On a brighter note, Alex and I are heading to Dallas tonight for the Coldplay concert tomorrow! Ahh...I'm beyond excited!

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