All Dressed Up

I fell in LOVE with this dress 4 years ago at St. Vincent's thrift store in Abilene. At the time it was part of their Rent Only costume section . Ugh, so frustrating. St. Vincent's had hundreds of amazing costumes and dresses, and I was extremely depressed I couldn't buy any.  One day, I walked in and saw that all the rentals were finally for SALE! I went crazy and bought a ton of vintage pieces, and this was my top pick.  It didn't fit, had a torn zipper, but I absolutely loved it and still do to this day.   

Last night I was playing dress up in my closet, since I'm trying to figure out what I want to wear for my maternity shoot in a few weeks and this beauty popped out! I put it on and gracefully danced in to my bedroom where Alex was. His reaction..."You're crazy." When Alex doesn't like my outfits, especially my awesome vintage pieces, I usually reply with; "You have no style, Alex. Be quiet." Might be a bit harsh, but he just laughs at me. 

I would totally wear this for the shoot, but the only problem is the color of the dress is almost the exact color of my skin.  I am pale as it is, so this color really washes me out. However, it is such a whimsical dress that could inspire an awesome photo shoot. Any takers?!


Unknown said...

Pretty! It may be worth it to see if it could be dyed a darker color (orange?) in the same family without hurting the beads. I wouldn't try RIT dye in your sink, but someone who knows what they're doing may be able to help without charging much?

Sofia H. said...

That dress is amazeballs.

Unknown said...

Do you still have this? I'm looking for something vintage & maternity for the holidays. :) We did our maternity shoot using vintage dresses! (http://blacktiediy.com/post/64077377873/oh-hey-were-having-a-baby-in-december-even)