Showers & Birthdays

Another great weekend spent in Austin. I had a beautiful baby shower thrown for me by my Aunt, sis, and sis-in-law. Got some great things for Turner, and had craft time making onesies. 

Friends and family came in to town, but I wish I had a huge house for everyone to stay in...maybe in the next few years. Blow up mattresses in our living room just doesn't cut it for hospitality. 

Saturday night we celebrated my niece Emalee's 9th Birthday w/cupcakes, pizza, and a trip to Jump Street (giant trampoline park). Sunday, Alex and I said our goodbye's to family and later spent some time touring a few Austin homes, and eating pizza for the second meal in a row with Grant & Sierra. Double Dave's pizza buffet = heaven!

So thankful for family and friends. It's weird to hear them say, "Next time I see you, you'll have a baby!"

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