Treat Yo Self Weekend 2012

Alex and I celebrated "Treat Yo Self Weekend 2012" this past weekend since it might be the last one we have just the two of us. Yes, we will go on vacations and dates without little Turner in the future, but we'll still be parents.  

L to R:
- Started Friday night off @ Jack Allen's new location in Round Rock...Amazing! Followed by a movie (took everything w/in me NOT to buy popcorn and an Icee)
- Saturday began w/cinnamon rolls, then Body Pump, and followed by a massage 
- Treating ourselves at the mall 
- Couldn't pass up treating myself to a cookie...or 3
- Tried P. Terry's for the first time  ($12 isn't bad for dinner for 2)
- In pretty good spirits after we both had massages
- Catching a foot on camera
- Sunday started w/church and was followed by Gospel Brunch at Stubb's BBQ 

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful. Cool weather, relaxation, experiencing new things in Austin, and enjoying time with my breast friend...I mean best friend. I like to call Alex that sometimes. Treating ourselves was fun, but we still kept our budget in mind.  We definitely didn't treat ourselves to EVERYTHING we wanted. I still order water no matter where we go to save $, and I passed up MANY things in Nordstrom that I was drooling over. Who knows, we might just have one more weekend just the two of us, but if not this was a great one to end on.

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