Baby's 1st Christmas


I want to wish you a merry early Christmas, since I won't be taking my laptop when we travel up north to the in-laws. This year's Christmas is extra special since it will be Turner's 1st. We're celebrating by giving him nothing ; ) Yeah, I know I'm a horrible Mom because I haven't bought him anything. I mean, it's not like he's going to remember. I could just wrap up some formula. 

We sent out our first Christmas card this year, since we didn't send out birth announcements. We went to the Walmart Portrait studios and tried to make them as cheesy as possible. I'm pretty sure the workers there thought we were serious.  Alex was channeling Clark Griswold. When it comes to our outfits, we actually purchased the turtlenecks from Walmart, left the tags on them, and after the pictures were taken, we returned them. BAM! I was super excited I didn't have to waste $8 on a hideous snowman turtleneck.  

Thank you Sierra for the Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. We love it!

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Unknown said...

That's the cutest ornament!!

Love from South Africa