Get Moving

 When I became pregnant I knew that I wanted to continue my fitness routine, but I wasn't sure what I could continue to do. Here's a break down of my exercise routine during pregnancy. 

1st Trimester (Week 1-12): 
Nothing changed during this time due to their being no changes in my body. However, I did buy a heart monitor because I was freaked out in the beginning that my heart rate would get too high. I used it once (waste of $30).

Workout Schedule:
Body Pump - 1xWeek
Zumba - 2xWeek
Weightlifting - 2xWeek (15 minutes of weightlifting before my Zumba class)

2nd Trimester (Week 13-27):
As I approached week 20, my body began to tell me Zumba wasn't working out. I could no longer twist, jump, and turn like I used to. I would get really bad cramps, so I took that as my sign to slow down. I stopped taking Zumba classes, and began walking with Alex after work. I really dislike running/walking on treadmills so I always choose outside over inside workouts.  I sweat way more, and I feel that my body has to work much harder.

Workout Schedule:
Body Pump - 1xWeek
30 Minutes Walking (Outside): 2xWeek
Weightlifting - 2xWeek (15 minutes of weightlifting in the apt. gym after our walks, as well as sit-ups & lunges)

3rd Trimester (Week 28-40):
I continued to work out during my 3rd trimester even when I felt very tired. The heat was too much for me to walk in the afternoon, so I walked early in the morning before work.  Week 34 was when I really noticed my appetite and weight increase, but at no point did I mind eating more (who wouldn't ; ) ) or gaining the healthy baby weight. I knew that if I continued to exercise, my labor and post-pregnancy would be easier.

Workout Schedule:
Body Pump - 1xWeek (still going at 37 weeks)
30 Minutes Walking (Outside) - 2xWeek
Weightlifting - 2xWeek (15 minutes of weightlifting after walks, including lunges)

30 weeks

33 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

39 weeks (early morning walk to get the baby moving)

 Taking our first walk together (12 days old)

I gained exactly 30 pounds, and lost 20 pounds after Turner's birth. I can thank breast feeding for the weight loss, but now that we switched to formula it's back to the gym for me. I took a Zumba and Body Combat class this week, and was huffing and puffing the entire time. I'm just happy for the challenging work outs (I love to sweat!) I encourage all pregnant women to exercise throughout the 9 months because your pregnancy will be much easier, and losing the weight after will be less of a struggle! 


Greetings from Texas! said...

Love this! My problem is that Macy is adopted so I have NO EXCUSE not to be working out. You've inspired me lady!!

Leah said...

Great post! It's awesome that you've lost so much of the baby weight already! I noticed you mentioned going to Body Combat class-- great workout! I used to go to Body Pump classes but once I had my kids it got hectic and I wasn't always able to make the scheduled classes. I recently started doing a Les Mills Pump Cross Training workout video at home, if you like Body Combat you will LOVE this.. Here's the link if you wanna check it out http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/les-mills-pump-cross-training-workout-deluxe-package.do.