Turner Jack - 2 Months

Mr. T just returned from his 2 month appointment. I feel kind of bad, but I'm not one of those moms that freaks out when their baby cries during shots. I know most people say that the time has flown by by 2 months, but honestly it hasn't for me. It seems like Turner has been in our lives for quite a while, which is wonderful! Maybe the long nights have something to do with that ; ). Here's a few facts about Turner to date.


- Weighs 9lb. 13oz. (10th Percentile) Measures 22.5 inches (25th percentile). This boy is tiny. He is still wearing mostly newborn clothes, but is in a weird stage where he's getting too big for NB clothing but way too small for 3 month clothing. 

- Wakes up almost every 2 hours at night, which has been VERY tough on me. I think I have permanent bags under my eyes. Although the other night we added a tsp of rice cereal to his bottle before bed and he slept for 6 hours. I woke up saying, "THANK YOU JESUS!" I needed those extra hours of sleep more than you know. Since then, he's still back to sleeping in 2-3 hour increments, but I hope it improves as he grows. We're trying to get a night routine in place...bath w/Dad, apply vick's vapor rub to his chest (hopefully he'll associate the smell with bedtime), bottle and swaddle.

- Naps inconsistently, but I've been trying to get him to take a long morning and afternoon nap. 

- Has the funniest REM sleep. I love watching his eyes roll back as he fades in and out of sleep. That's also the time I can see him smile ear to ear with his gums sticking out (melts my heart).

- Enjoys peeing on me every chance he gets.  He's peed on my friend's couch, my SIL's laptop, his own face, in to a bag of chips at my sister's house, and every wall in his nursery.

- Has a strawberry on his forehead called a hemangioma, a birthmark that usually fades by kindergarten

- Has horrible gas. Of course Alex and I would get the gassiest baby ever.  Gas drops, baby leg exercises, swaddling, and a soothing pacifier have helped us through these 2 months.  I'm learning his cries, but his gas is part of the reason he sleeps inconsistently and for such short amounts of time. We hope his little tummy develops soon.

Poor guy before his snip snip

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