Hurry Up and Wait

Everyone keeps telling me to not get my hopes up when house hunting, but for me that's impossible.  So, for the past three weeks I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Last night, I cried myself to sleep in my pillow after losing the house I was so sure we would get.  The Austin housing market is insane right now! We fell in love with a house that was listed on a Friday morning, and by mid afternoon it had 7 offers. Our realtor told us that after 2 days the sellers had to sift through 23 offers! 23! We have made 5 offers over the past few weeks, but we're now back to square one. Seems like everyone in Austin is looking for a home in our price range.  We might have to change up our strategy.  We're thinking about buying a real fixer upper, but in an ideal neighborhood with a great school district.  Originally, I wanted a move in ready home, but after evaluating our options and this crazy market, my expectations have changed.

With all this going on, I have slept very little and lost my appetite.  Thankfully, my family keeps me grounded and smiling. Here are a few recent pics.

Introducing my niece to the world of antiquing. She left with some vintage barbies. She loves to shop as much as I do. Dangerous.  I love the little painting below, but didn't "need" it for $40.

Turner discovering his twin.

Bath time

Extremely excited for this Stetson straw hat I bought at Dillard's for $10. Yep, it was originally a $100, and the sales woman thought Turner was cute and said she was trying to get rid of stuff so she would sell it to me cheap.  God bless sweet old ladies. I never wear hats, probably because I have a giant heed, but I fell in love the minute I put it on.  

Wish us luck on our crazy journey of buying our first home.  Pray I don't lose my mind : )

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