Book Review - It's Your Money: What Will You Do With It?

Who out there can't recall where their money was spent this past month?  Whether you've been budgeting for a while or simply need a place to start, "It's Your Money: What Will You Do With It?" by Eric Williams is a great book to help you get started.

Eric and Kelsey are fellow Dave Ramsey followers, but Alex and I have discussed with them that Dave's way is not the only way. This book is a great example as to what the basic steps of getting out of debt look like to an average person.  The first half of the book goes in to detail about the lessons Eric & Kelsey learned as they began to learn about money, and the second half discusses the actions they took to continue on their journey of financial freedom.

It's your money is an easy and interesting read. It's not about what you're doing wrong, it's about the baby steps of how to work through a budget.  I love that the Williams are extremely relatable and practical people that ultimately want a life filled with love, peace, safety and happiness for their family. At the end of the day, the peace of knowing where your money is and exactly how it's being spent is an amazing feeling.

"When you can see where all of your money is being spent, you can start to make changes based on your priorities." - Eric Williams

Hello fast food and Target. Big priorities of mine? Well, I guess a full stomach is important, but I could cook a meal at home and have a perfectly full stomach. Oh, and yes, all those decorative vases and baby clothes Turner wears twice in his life are necessary as well.

My biggest take away from this book was how to get serious about saving for specific things we want to do or accomplish in life.  Alex and I have been pretty bad about saving for future events (christmas, birthdays, vacations), so when those events come up, we are usually scrambling and/or a bit more stressed about it than we would have been if we had been saving up for it.  We always talk about these great vacations we would love to go on. "Oh Europe...Oh skiing...Oh California", but sometimes it feels like these vacations will never happen.  It's Your Money gave me hope that it is possible to do these things, but Alex and I have to be much more intentional with our money. We must save for the things we desire, and not just expect them to come to us on a silver platter. Thank you Eric for this wonderful reminder.  You and Kelsey are wonderful examples to families all over the world on how to be responsible with money!

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