Fossil Fall Favorites

I might be a bit obsessed with Fossil's fall line, and as you can see I lean towards neutrals.  I love how they add a little bit of spice to each piece.  I appreciate the quality of Fossil at reasonable prices.  When I look at their price tags, I don't immediately walk away angry that someone would ever price a bag or watch that high. (Most department stores mark them down almost 50%, so I always wait for a good sale)

What's your go to brand for high quality accessories at reasonable prices?

1. Sydney Satchel $188
2. Sydney Limited Edition Tote $298 - This would be the perfect diaper bag
3. Haircalf Cuff - Dalmation $38
4. Erin Satchel $228
5. Memoir Novel Flap $160 (ON SALE!)
6. Georgia Three Hand Stainless Steel & Resin Watch - Tortoise $115
7. Sydney Shopper $178
8. Karsen Aviator $38 - These will definitely be on my Christmas list

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