Thanksgiving 2013

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  We headed north to Alex's parents this year, and thankfully it wasn't too cold so we were able to spend time outside soaking up some sun.  We also did a tiny bit of shopping.  I bought a few gifts for my nieces, and spent most of my time in Joann Fabrics. They were having a huge sale on Christmas items and fabric.

Friday night Alex and I decided to get away for a bit so we drove up to Oklahoma to do a bit of gambling at Choctaw Casino.  We spent most of our time (3 hours) at the black jack table.  I brought some lady luck to the table which was full of mostly old men.  There was one particular man directly to my right that I enjoyed getting to know through the night.  He's one of those with the gold nuggets rings and a wedding ring with a diamond twice the size of mine (he was 88 and as sharp as a whistle).  He coached me the entire night, and I later found out he used to be a big time player.  He informed me that he was only down about a thousand that night....what?! Alex and I came out even and had a great time with each other baby free.  We might make this part of our holiday tradition when we head north.

Hope you enjoyed family, food and some good sales!

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